Security Services

Mobile Patrols

At CHARCO, our mobile patrol service is a key component of our security solutions. But what exactly does this service consist of? It involves proactive measures to safeguard your assets with the following elements:

  • Security Rounds: Planned and random patrols to ensure a physical presence.
  • Targeted Surveillance: Monitoring buildings, businesses, homes, or neighborhoods to ensure their safety.
  • Flexible Interventions: Options for visible or discreet patrols, utilizing a varied fleet, including electric vehicles to reduce environmental impact.

Our mobile patrol service is designed to meet diverse needs, available 24/7. Whether you need multiple sites monitored or a large area patrolled, we have the right solutions.

CHARCO’s commitment goes beyond mere surveillance; we work closely with you to develop a security plan that perfectly matches your needs, combining advanced technology with qualified human interventions.

Our experience and personalized approach allow us to serve a wide range of clients, providing each with peace of mind and optimized security. At CHARCO, your safety is our mission, and we pledge to protect your spaces with efficiency and professionalism.

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