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At CHARCO SÉCURITÉ, surveillance is the cornerstone of our security services. But what does this notion really imply? It involves the comprehensive surveillance and protection of your spaces, including:

  • Access Control: Rigorous management of entries and exits to ensure site security.
  • Surveillance Equipment Operation: Effective use of technology in guard posts for constant monitoring.
  • Security Patrols: Regular inspections in specific areas to prevent theft, vandalism, and fires.
  • Rule Enforcement: Ensuring compliance with internal directives for order and conflict resolution.
  • Activity Monitoring: Attentive observation to anticipate and manage any anomalies.

Our offer includes all of these essential services, provided by a team of highly qualified professionals. Our expertise extends to various environments, both public and private, where we ensure access control and visitor identification with unparalleled precision.

Client satisfaction is central to our mission; we act as an extension of your organization, analyzing your specific needs to create a customized security plan for your peace of mind.

Our experience includes working with restaurants, festivals, and private associations, managing order and crowd control effectively. Our agents are recognized for their ability to maintain calm, reassure individuals, and use good judgment to de-escalate potential conflicts, maximizing client satisfaction. In doing so, we maximize the satisfaction of your customers and visitors.

At CHARCO, the security and well-being of your spaces are our ultimate commitment.

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