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Expertise, discretion, and support

At the heart of CHARCO, our investigation team combines experience, discretion, and empathy to meet your investigative needs. We understand your situations and challenges, developing personalized action plans to maximize your chances of success.
Our Specialized Services:


We handle cases of doubt and suspicion with tact, bringing clarity to facts while respecting your privacy.


From locating missing relatives to investigating delicate family situations and finding debtors, our specialists ensure peace of mind with sensitivity and discretion.


Collaborating with government institutions and insurance companies, we conduct rigorous investigations to uncover insurance frauds with integrity and precision.


Whether you’re a victim of theft or searching for a misplaced valuable, our team helps you recover what matters with empathy and determination.

At CHARCO SÉCURITÉ, we approach every investigation mission with utmost care, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs. Our approach is based on expertise and discretion, providing reliable and precise results. In the field of investigation, we are more than just a service provider; we are your trusted partner in the search for truth.

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